Who We Are

The Latin Christmas Festival is organized by the Canadian Latin Heritage Association, a non-profit organization that aims to promote Latin culture in Canada to celebrate cultural diversity and enhance community participation by strengthening ties between different ethnic groups.

The Latin Christmas Festival seeks to preserve and share Latin American Christmas traditions with other communities, contributing to cultural diversity and intercultural understanding. In addition, it is an excellent platform for new entrepreneurs, homemakers, artisans and local companies to publicize their products, services and gastronomy while boosting the local economy and seeking to highlight their businesses.

The festival also seeks the inclusion of artistic talents, whether in plastic art, music, or dance, thus highlighting and supporting the cultural and artistic wealth of the Latin community. With our event, we not only provide entertainment but also create opportunities for emerging artists to become known and thrive.

We believe that preserving and sharing Latin American Christmas traditions helps enrich local culture and raise awareness in other communities about the richness of Christmas celebrations. Additionally, the focus on supporting new entrepreneurs, homemakers, artisans, and local businesses is a great way to foster the city's economic growth and diversity in the community.

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